Once the RFP process is complete, ensuring that your negotiated rates are loaded correctly is an important first step to validate your company's hotel program

Rate Verification

Verifies client rates are loaded and available for booking for each negotiated property in each applicable GDS. Features:

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Rate Audits are an essential part of any successful hotel program, but make no mistake... just because your rate is loaded correctly doesn't mean your traveler will receive it when he or she checks in

Rate Tracking

Verifies client rates are loaded and available and tracks hotel PNRs from booking to traveler stay. Features:

  • Verifies corporate rates are loaded and available for booking
  • Provides ability to capture savings by continuously monitoring the hotel PNR from booking to traveler arrival at the property
  • Provides relevant rate benchmarking vs. the market rates available at negotiated properties
  • No Touch - auto-notifications to the hotel to take action require no intervention
  • Captures financial outcomes noting supplier rate changes and missed savings
  • Provides continuous savings opportunities

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Radius Search

An optional feature that can be added to Rate Tracking to include alternate property rate benchmarking and optional traveler/agent notification when alternate property rates are lower. Features:

  • Verifies booked rate against lower, in policy rates, at other preferred properties in the same tier, similar room type, within the customer’s defined radius from the booked property
  • Can be configured to notify traveler with up to 3 alternate property options to select/decline
  • Can be configured to auto-notify agent to re-book the lower rate based on traveler’s selection
  • Provides relevant rate benchmark data
  • Optional add on to Rate Verification and Rate Tracking
  • Provides continuous savings opportunities

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Squatter Audit

Identifies non-preferred hotels loading client rates. Features:

  • Checks selected cities to identify which hotels are loading a client rate into the GDS
  • Rates are compared to the client’s negotiated program to determine which hotels are loading squatter rates
  • Point-in-time rate check

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